...both yoga and meditation, is about learning to be present with “the way it is”. This is an easier way to be in the world than the way of striving and clinging and craving.

Stephen Cope

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When we embody the noble truth of living all life as yoga, then we are truly living a life of integrity, our beliefs and thoughts merge with our words and actions, and we become whole.

– Aadil Palkhivala

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via founder, Shannah Green:

"On May 1st 2001, The Yoga Room opened its doors to the Nantucket Community as a year-round yoga studio. The dream of providing a haven of study in a practice which had personally transformed my life began as I gazed out my backyard and the saw the potential for what became a grassroots effort bringing together much of the island yoga community.

As we broke ground, I continued to teach in a rental space and each student knew that the $10 they were paying for class brought us closer to the reality of what became The Yoga Room.

The Yoga Room has flourished with a staff of experienced, diverse and dedicated teachers, each offering something very special and unique. The classes, workshops and privates we offer incorporate an eclectic blend of many styles and traditions. Our integrity as teachers is paramount and evident to all those that walk through our door.

It has been tremendously gratifying to witness the personal growth of students who have continued to make yoga such an integral part of their lives. Shifting universal consciousness begins with one person at a time, one heart at a time, one intention at a time.


Here’s to a lifetime of practice and a kinder and more peaceful world – my dream lives on…"

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The Yoga Room is committed to providing a safe and supportive teaching environment that inspires our students and the community toward optimal health and well being.

The Yoga Room espouses holistic wellness which incorporates body, mind and spirit. Our intention is to facilitate a richer, creative, authentic and harmonious life through both the physical and philosophical teachings of yoga. It is our belief that a committed practice ultimately allows us to open to grace in all areas of our lives.