Monthly Archives: October 2010

Organizing WordPress for Search Engines

I recently read a wonderful post on VanSEO about how to organize the structure of a website to make it easier for search engines to organize the content.  Sure it’s critical for users to find your site easy to use!  But if you want your site to work well in promoting your business, and want good search engine ranking, you need to put some careful thought into organizing it.  Wordpress makes it especially easy, but you have to be deliberate, using techniques like siloing, robots.txt management, and link design to give your site good structure for findability.

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Microsoft and Adobe? Egad!

I read a rumor today that Microsoft might be contemplating a purchase of Adobe.  Scary!  The first thing that came to mind was, “Oh yuck, that’s all we need is messed-up Adobe software.”  But then it occurs to me that Microsoft hasn’t been all that mac-friendly over the years for obvious reasons, and if you think about it, Microsoft could really hit Apple hard by:

  • Dropping native support for OSX with Creative Suite
  • Bundling Windows 7 with Creative Suite
  • … along with their own PC emulator

The whole idea is really disgusting, but given the fact that PC emulators actually work very well (I happen to love Parallels – it works great!) with the now native Intel hardware, this is one way for Microsoft to get Windows on a bunch more Macs.

Then again, if Apple bought Adobe, they could probably do the same to Microsoft.

I prefer an independent Adobe.