Microsoft and Adobe? Egad!

I read a rumor today that Microsoft might be contemplating a purchase of Adobe.  Scary!  The first thing that came to mind was, “Oh yuck, that’s all we need is messed-up Adobe software.”  But then it occurs to me that Microsoft hasn’t been all that mac-friendly over the years for obvious reasons, and if you think about it, Microsoft could really hit Apple hard by:

  • Dropping native support for OSX with Creative Suite
  • Bundling Windows 7 with Creative Suite
  • … along with their own PC emulator

The whole idea is really disgusting, but given the fact that PC emulators actually work very well (I happen to love Parallels – it works great!) with the now native Intel hardware, this is one way for Microsoft to get Windows on a bunch more Macs.

Then again, if Apple bought Adobe, they could probably do the same to Microsoft.

I prefer an independent Adobe.

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